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Instructor: Ajab Rajvir Jandiala
Ages: Adults 18+

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From the Instructor:
Hello! I’m Ajab of Calligraphy Quill. This exclusively-designed 4 hour workshop covers everything you need to know about Brush Pen Calligraphy. Yes, everything.

The class is divided into eight modules. Each module is detailed and thorough to help you get your foundations strong. The class is very interactive, so relax, have fun, and ask as many questions as you’d like!

Introduction: Before you begin your calligraphy journey, it is important to know why it matters. The class will begin with a short discussion on what calligraphy means to you. Proper position, placement and posture are a must when writing. To avoid health issues down the line, I’ll take 10 minutes to discuss why these are important and how you can develop these. By the end of the class, proper posture will be second nature to you.

2. How to hold a brush pen Even though brush pens may look the same as a regular ball pen, the way you hold and use them makes a ton of difference in your style. I’ll demonstrate the effect that different angles of holding the pen can have on your font style. Before we move on, I’ll make sure that you’re comfortable with holding and using the pen.

3. Warm-up and Drills Your hand has many muscles, and muscles work best when they are warmed-up. We’ll spend 10 minutes to warm-up our hand and forearm muscles before beginning. This also helps with consistency and smoothness in your writing.

4. Basic Strokes Now for the real part! I’ll introduce to you the nine foundational strokes of calligraphy. We’ll familiarize ourselves with these before moving on.

5. Lowercase Letters I’ll walk you through each letter - how it is formed, things to look out for, other tips and tricks. We’ll take it slow so that you’re comfortable with A before we move on to B.

6. Uppercase Letters Similar to the lowercase, I’ll demonstrate how each letter is formed and tell you a few things to look out for.

7. How to Connect Words Not all words are connected using an entrance/exit stroke. I’ll demonstrate how you can connect those tricky words (axe, for example).

8. Writing sentences Finally, you should be able to write beautiful sentences in brush pen calligraphy by the end of the class. Time to flaunt your skills!

Supplies Included in the Tuition Price: Two brush pens (a Tombow Fudenosuke and a Zig Fudebiyori Metallic) and "The Beginners Guide to Brush Pen Calligraphy," a thorough workbook that I’ve created keeping you in mind. You will use this workbook during the workshop as I walk you through the different modules. After the workshop, you’re welcome (and encouraged!) to use it as you continue to practice. All you need to do is come to the class and I’ll take care of the rest!

Few things to note: Like I said earlier, the aim of this workshop is to have fun while you learn something new. You will make new friends, learn a wonderful new skill and… simply relax. I want you to be super comfortable, so grab a coffee and a snack before you come to class if you’d like. We will also take a 15-minute break mid-way through class as well. Empty stomachs and calligraphy don't make good friends. If you have any questions (which I hope you will!), I will be available both during and after class. You’re encouraged to ask as many questions as you’d like.

Also included in the workshop tuition is lifetime access to a closed Facebook for all current and future students. In this closed group, members will get to ask questions, get advice, interact with their classmates, and get help with their work. I love interacting with my team! :)

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