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Instructor: Ajab Rajvir Jandiala
Ages: Adults 18+
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From the Instructor:
Hi there! I'm Ajab of Calilgraphy Quill. Our much-awaited workshop is finally here.

Presenting to you for the first time ever… the Introduction to Pointed Pen Calligraphy! In this three-hour workshop, you will be armed with tips and tricks that professional calligraphers use to make their work look smooth, balanced and consistent- all while you sip on some wine, feast on delicious snacks and enjoy the camaraderie of your new #calligrafriends.

The class is broken down into Six Modules:

1. The Three Pillars of Calligraphy - highly important! I tend to spend the first 10-15 mins on this, followed by reminders throughout the class.

2. Becoming Familiar with a Pointed Pen - unlike a brush pen, pointed pen calligraphy is made up of several tools and supplies. In this module, I will introduce you to your new best friends!

3. Warming-Up : another highly important part of the class! Learn key tricks of the trade in this module, and why your warm-up is such a crucial part of your calligraphy practice.

4. Basic Strokes : did you know that 95% of the letters are made up only of nine strokes? Its true! In this module, I'll walk you through each of them and you'll get ample practice before moving on to the next.

PS: If you've taken my Brush Pen Calligraphy class, you'll learn how to use your pointed pen to make these basic strokes. It's much different than using a brush pen!

5. Lowercase Letters : this will be the main focus of our class. I'll demonstrate each letter to you in the modern calligraphy script. Learning pointed pen calligraphy can be tricky if not demonstrated in person, so I'll make sure you're fully familiar with how to form your letters in this module.

6. Word Formation : the best way to build muscle memory (more about this during the workshop) is to practice. And the best way to practice? Write words! This module will have you write 26 words - starting with A to Z- with repeated practice.

Supplies included in the tuition price:

1. A straight pen holder (its super pretty, you'll love it!)

2. The best steel nib for beginners

3. A jar of sumi ink

4. A Workbook fully designed by me, exclusively for this class

5. Lots of nuggets of wisdom that I’ve learnt from some of the best calligraphers

6. Lifetime access to our closed Facebook group where you can share progress, get support and spend time with your #calligrafriends

Not included: a 9x12 Borden & Riley Marker Pad (available on-site at Art Supply Depo for about $10.00)

Few things to note:

Like I said earlier, the aim of this workshop is to have fun while you learn something new. You will make new friends, learn a wonderful new skill and… simply relax. I want you to be super comfortable, so grab a coffee and a snack before you come to class if you’d like.

We will also take a 15-minute break mid-way through class. Empty stomachs and calligraphy don't make good friends. If you have any questions (which I hope you will!), I will be available both during and after class. You’re encouraged to ask as many questions as you’d like! As mentioned, this class will focus on lower-case letters. Students who join the closed Facebook group, and/or sign up for my email newsletter will have access to upper-case practice sheets for Modern Pointed Pen Calligraphy as they are developed. You can build your skills and confidence through practicing lower-case at home, then move on to upper-case as the worksheets are published at your own pace.

About me:

I started my calligraphy journey about two years ago and haven't looked back since. I'm currently being mentored by Michael Sull as I pursue the Master Penmanship Certification Program in Spencerian Script, but I've always had a fondness for brush pens. For someone who likes to keep experimenting and trying new things, I like to keep things interesting by mixing up different styles of calligraphy and pens. Hosting workshops enriches my soul as I met some of the kindest and most genuine people through them. I hope to see you in class! It would truly be my honor to host you.

This is where I'm most commonly found hanging-out at:




Questions? Email me at and I'll get back to you within 12 hours.

*Please read our class cancellation policy before registering by clicking here.*

Please register as soon as you plan on attending. Classes that don't reach the minimum number of students required will be canceled 48 hours before the first day of class. Last minute registrations are accepted if class minimum is met and space allows.

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