We are more than an art supply store; we offer expert advice on all the products we stock and host classes in our studio to educate and entertain artists of all ages + skill levels.

We are passionate about our mission to provide unique, quality materials at affordable prices for all artists, as well as to educate the public + help deepen their love for creating. We help educate through our extensive knowledge about the supplies we carry, through our demos and workshops presented by professional artists, and by hosting exhibitions of contemporary art by our peers and community members.

We are an alternative to big box stores. We provide unparalleled customer service.

We are incredibly knowledgeable. As working artists, we all maintain an understanding of a variety of mediums. We are each a specialist in different areas of art, materials, and techniques.

We are deeply invested in the regional creative community, believe in the power of art and art education to change lives, and put people at the core of our business.

We are The Art Supply Depo.


In July 2011 I opened a locally owned art supply store in downtown Toledo, Ohio to offer an alternative to big-box retail art stores. I believed that Downtown Toledo was poised for a renaissance. Everyone said Toledo couldn't support a Fine Art Store and downtown Toledo was dangerous.  I didn't believe either.  Where other people saw abandoned warehouses, I saw art studios.  I see potential in everything and everyone around me. 

In 2016, I opened a location in Bowling Green, Ohio with the help of my wonderful + dedicated staff.  It didn't make sense that B.G., home to one of the best annual art festivals and best art schools in the state of Ohio, did not have a Fine Art Supply Store.

Seven years later and now with two locations, my staff and I have been working hard to stay relevant and share our love for the finest art products with our customers, who we cherish.   We believe a brick and mortar storefront with a knowledgeable and caring staff is important in an age of Amazon and impersonal Big Box stores.

I work extensively to source the best art materials possible at all price-points for absolute beginners or advanced professional artists.  We never offer a product for sale that I would not use or gift to a family member.  Anything that isn't great is discontinued.

Stop by both locations and explore what products and classes we have to offer. My staff and I look forward to meeting you.

Jules Webster, Proprietor