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Friday, June 9th
Friday, July 14th
Friday, August 11th

All dates 8am to 1pm. Register separately, or for the full summer of plein air (all three classes) to save a lil' cash!

This class will be an introduction to painting the landscape on location from direct observation. In other words alla prima plein air. It will cover how to simplify the complexities of the landscape, how to block in the painting, and efficient color mixing. In addition, the workshop will cover the inherent difficulties of painting out in the field, such as how to cope with the changing light and evolving landscape. By the end of the workshop, students will have a minimum of one painting developed. The paintings produced will be simplistic, and should be regarded as visual note taking of color, composition, and drawing. 

This workshop is best for adults, and students with a minimal background in painting and drawing.

As a note, the landscape is the most unforgiving subject to paint from life. However it is also the greatest teacher. Therefore, in order to produce a successful landscape sketch, it will take commitment and a number of attempts, so be prepared. 

Register for each class separately for $50 each, or sign up for the whole summer as a monthly session for $135. (Saving $15 on the three dates combined!)

The class will be 5 hours long starting in the early morning to avoid the summer heat. It is encouraged to bring some food, and water and appropriate clothing. Finally, it is best to wear a large brimmed hat so you can see color accurately. Students will be notified of the location for each plein air session a week prior to the date.

Regarding paints, you'll want to bring or buy a warm and cool primary set of pigments, preferably oils. Here is an ideal palette:

Titanium White
Arylide/Hansa Yellow (cool)
Cadmium Yellow Medium (warm)
Cadmium Red (warm)
Quinacridone Red (cool)
Ultramarine Blue (warm)
Cobalt Blue (cool) or Cerulean Blue (cool)

A mixing tray / Palette
At least one medium sized canvas or panel (8" x 10" would be excellent)
Shop Towels
Plastic Bags
Appropriate Clothing for the Weather (We Paint Rain or Shine!) 
Large Brimmed Hat
Mineral Spirits / Thinner

 In addition to the supplies, students will need to make their materials/equipment portable. For plein air painting, artists typically have a pochade box, or French Easel to carry their pigments, boards, brushes, and palette. It will make your painting excursion significantly easier but will be a bit of an investment. I suggest conducting a little research before attending the workshop to ensure that you're ready to go. If you have any questions about the right tools/equipment, send an email to Aaron at

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