Three Consecutive Fridays June 1, 8, 15th from 11:00am to 2:00pm
Instructor: Paul H. Brand
Ages: Adults 18+ (age firm)
Skill level: Beginner to advanced

Impressionism is a simple, direct style of painting. Impressionists emphasize capturing the natural light, selecting simple subjects, especially landscape, and finishing a painting in one sitting. The method is suitable for acrylics, pastels, or oils.

First session
Paul will demonstrate painting a landscape in the impressionist style using acrylics. Impressionist brushwork, light values and complementary color pairs will be used. Students will then make a sketch and begin painting, working from a photo provided by Paul (or bring your own photo).

Second session
We will review students’ work and they will complete their pictures.  Paul will demonstrate another painting, showing how to build forms using the small spots of color favored by the impressionists, along with changes in hue and value. Students may copy Paul’s picture as he works.

Third session
Time for practice. Review student’s work and complete pictures. Students may begin another painting.

Bring Oils, Acrylics, or Pastels, whatever you prefer.
For acrylics, Golden Open brand acrylics are recommended due to intensity of color, covering power, and because the paint stays wet for mixing and blending longer. Less expensive brands may be substituted if necessary. In oils, purchase Gamblin 1980 (the best quality student grade paint available), Gamblin Artist Grade, or any premium quality brand. Avoid Masters' Touch, Bob Ross Oil Paints, Winton, Reeves, and any low end student grade paint.
Supply list for paint colors: 
titanium white
hansa yellow light (or primary yellow)
naphthol red light (or primary red)
quinacridone magenta (deep cold red)
thalo blue (green shade) (cold blue)
ultramarine blue (warm blue)

Any brand of brush labeled for your choice of paint is OK. Get one filbert number 10 and one round number 8.

Two canvas panels 11 x 14.

Disposable Palette, 50 Sheets, or disposable Styrofoam dinner plates.

Paper towels

Tabletop easel if you have one

Supply list for pastels:
For pastels, Sennelier Soft Pastels are great. If you buy Sennelier, a Half Stick set is recommended, the more colors the better. Avoid any low end student grade pastels. Faber Castell, Rembrandt, NuPastel, Sennelier, or a combination of any of these are good.

Any pastel surface in a mid-value warm color: sanded surface with grit, such as a few sheets of 9x12 sanded paper or a larger 22x30" sanded sheet which you can cut into quarters. Canson Mi Tientes Pastel Paper can be substituted as a more economical option to sanded paper.

A drawing board larger than your paper

Tape to tape your paper to the board

Paul or the Depo Staff can assist to look at your supplies and make suggestions based upon what you already have. You are also welcome to call us and we can put materials on hold for you in advance of your arrival to class.


***Please reference our class cancellation policy by clicking  here.***

Please register as soon as you plan on attending. Classes that don't reach the minimum number of students required will be canceled 48 hours before the first day of class. Last minute registrations are accepted if class minimum is met and space allows.
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